How do I make/change my reservation?

The easiest way to make reservation is on our website. To make/change or cancel your reservation contact us at info@escapemaster.cz or call +420 777 907 839.

Can I get vouchers for this game?

Yes! You can buy a voucher and use it according to the time that best suits you. You can pick your voucher up or we can email it to you. To order your voucher contact us at info@escapemaster.cz or call +420 777 907 839.

Is this game recommended for teambuildings and other individual excersices?

Yes! The game is a great form of teambuilding activity. Contact us at info@escapemaster.cz or call +420 777 907 839 and we will find the best option for you. For multiple reservations we offer a group discount.

What should I wear?

Wear what´s comfortable for you. This is not a physical game.

What time should we arrive and how long does it take?

Before and after you there will be other teams playing. Please come about 10 minutes before your game or at least at the time of your reservation. The game takes 60 minutes.

Is the game child friendly?

This game is designed for children over the age of 12. Parts of the game could be a bit scary. In this case adult supervision is required.

What if we get stuck during the game?

During the game you can ask for clues.

Can I pay online or with card?

We only accept payments in cash. During the purchase of vouchers or teambuilding excercises we accept bank transfers as well.

Can I take a picture or filming in the area of Escape Master?

Photography and filming is in the background and during the game strictly prohibited.  Staff take a picture for you after game.

Is czech required?

You can play the game in czech or english language. However when ordering please specify if you speak english so we can provide you with an english speaking co-worker.

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